Is it expensive to live in Penang?

When you decide to live in a city many factors need to be considered like the cost of living, distance from medical facilities and the commute for jobs and schools etc. Penang is not a place full of commotion like the capital cities of the world and yet it’s one of the top destinations for people from all over the world.

Even if you are on a limited budget like retirees and young couples, many who have just started to work find this place amazingly affordable to live. It has many facets that make it inexpensive and yet full of life. There are different features of this city worth mentioning.

long term rental in Penang

  1. It is a complete city and has something to offer to everyone that comes here. Beaches and tranquil areas for living, jungles, and wilderness for treks and hikes, and bustling malls to cater to high-end shoppers- you name it and you can find it in this city.
  2. The island and its main city of George Town have many colonial structures- the symbol of British occupation and provide an impressive backdrop. The multicultural heritage of Chinese, Malay and Indian people live together here. Their religious and culinary influences make it cosmopolitan and conducive to modern living.
  3. In spite of these factors, the long term rental in Penang is still very reasonable compared to any other place in South A family can rent a beautiful, spacious place at reasonable rates. Apartments are easy to locate and rent, depending on the amenities that you want. You can get properties on long term rentals starting from less than Rm 1000 onwards.
  4. George Town is specialized as a heritage city by UNESCO. The multicultural heritage can be felt in the bylanes as you walk through the city.
  5. The island has many arts and culture centers. It also has theaters and exhibitions from time to time, music festivals, street art, and festivals and so much more than you will never feel bored.
  6. Everything here is reasonably priced compared to the metro cities of other countries. Movies, malls, restaurants, spas; you will feel that all these services are very inexpensive. Lonely planet chose Penang as a paradise for foodies some years ago. You will find many different types of cuisines in this place- all very inexpensively priced and available easily.
  7. The native produce, whether vegetables and fruits and local food items are available in plenty and cheap. The local food is more nutritious, inexpensive and fresh too.
  8. Healthcare is also available at inexpensive rates and that too through modern hospitals operated by well-trained doctors.

long term rentals in Penang

If you are looking for a place for long term stay in Malaysia, then Penang is the perfect place. If you are still not convinced, even after reading all the above-mentioned factors then you must spend some time in the state. Even a short stay will convince you that it is the best place to stay on and your family will be happier too. They will get the best possible combination – the amenities of modern cities and the natural surroundings of beaches, hills, and jungles. The clean and green state is developing rapidly and right now you can find good deals for long term rentals at very good rates.