Indian’s Best beaches: Varkala

A peaceful and serene beach with winding long cliffs that gives views of the Arabian Sea. Coconut palms border a footpath which runs the entire length of the cliff.

Quaint shops, beach huts, shacks, hotels, guest houses are also present. At the bottom of the cliff you have spectacular beaches which can reached by steps from the top of the cliff.

Location and getting there:

This pristine beach is located between kollam and Alleppey towns. In Kerala which is a south Indian state; one hour north of Trivandrum, Thiruvanthapuram is the town of Varkala. It is destined to be one of Indian’s prime beach location.

You can reach the beach by a 10 minute drive from the railway station and town of Varkala. More than twenty trains stop at this station every day.

Four hours away from Varkala are the airports of Trivandrum and Kochi.
Beaches at Varkala:

Papanasam Beach is the main beach at Varkala. The name of this beach means destroyer of sins. The beach is divided into two parts. Janardhana Swamy temple is a scared Hindu temple which is situated at the southern end of the beach. At this temple the relatives and family of the deceased come to perform their last rites.

Towards the north ahead of the mineral spring, at the bottom of a cliff is the tourist area of the Papanasam beach. In the far north at the end of the cliff is a small beach. This beach has black sand and has a coconut grove nearby.

The weather conditions are usually humid and tropical. From the months of June to August the rain are at their worst with intense showers every now and then. Best times to visit are from December to March when the conditions are sunny and dry. From April to May it can be hot and humid.
Beach attraction:

The beaches at Varkala are known for their elaborate sunsets. It can be a rejuvenating affair with drinks at a shack as you watch the sun go down. The mineral spring the flows off the cliff is said to have medicinal qualities. You can shop for local jewelry, handicrafts and what nots at the huts around the cliff. There are also places where you can indulge in Ayurvedic massages, therapies and even yoga. In March every year the Janardhana Swamy Temple festival is organized.


There are Resorts to simple family rooms which can suit every budget.

One can find hotels at the cliff and at a short distance in the back roads from the beach. Puthooram Ayurvedic Beach Resort at the north side of the cliff is good choices keeping in mind the amenities and price.

Varkala Marine Palace at the south side of the cliff has cottages, rooms and apartments which charge from $20 to $80 per night. Villa Jacaranda is a romantic retreat on a hill near the beach.