How to pack for a Caribbean vacation

The constant temperatures in the Caribbean make it one of the top vacation spots in the world at any time during the year. It draws people in with its beautiful beaches, the variety of parties and entertainment options and the cultural experiences that they offer. Most people think that they can wear next to nothing on their vacations to the many island destinations and don’t have to consider how to pack for a Caribbean vacation. In addition to swimwear, however, vacationers should pack a variety of outfits and other supplies for their Caribbean getaway.



Of course, a swimsuit is a must for any visitor to the Caribbean. In addition, individuals should pack a few pairs of shorts and clothing made with light materials because, for the most part, the temperatures are mild. Consider Bermuda shorts and cottony shirts for a day of sightseeing in any of the islands you will be visiting. Canvas shoes or sandals should also be part of your Caribbean vacation wardrobe. They are comfortable for walking on pavement, otherwise, enjoy walking barefoot on the beach.

The Caribbean does cool down a little after dark, so packing for the evening is essential for vacationers. For night life on their Caribbean vacation, individuals should pack a light jacket or a shawl so that they don’t get chilly when the temperatures drop. Instead of blue jeans, bring a pair or two of khaki pants and a light long-sleeved shirt to wear in case you are a person who may be a little cold natured. Because the islands of the Caribbean have a lot of nightclubs and restaurants, bring something nice to wear if you plan to go out. Simple dressy casual clothing is fine.

Sometimes, tropical locations may have light rain showers, so vacationers have to pack in case of wet weather. Of course, they don’t have to pack a full rain suit, but they should pack a pair of shoes that absorb water. The light jacket should be enough, but to be safe, bring some kind of windbreaker or rain cover. Rain gear may come in handy if individuals decide to visit during the summer when tropical storms are common.


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In addition to clothing to wear for activities they plan to participate in, vacationers need to be sun smart when they pack for a Caribbean vacation. So, they could pack a protective hat to wear when they are touring or just lying on the beach. Some companies now make hats with built in UVA/UVB protection. A pair of sunglasses, too, should be purchased to protect their eyes from dangerous sun rays. Of course, vacationers should not forget to bring sun block to reapply all day.

A vacation to the Caribbean can be a memorable experience for visitors. In order to get the most out of their vacation, they need to be sure to pack for a Caribbean vacation with the appropriate items. The proper clothing could be the difference between being uncomfortable and feeling free to enjoy their vacation experience.