Four Tourist Spots in Germany

Germany boasts of several tourist spots that attract thousands of visitors who revel in tasting their visual beauty. Some of these tourist spots are the Black Forest, the Romantic Road, the Frisian Island and Neuschwanstein Castle.

The Black Forest is situated in the southwest part of Germany and is known for manufacturing the Cuckoo Clocks. Tourists enjoy skiing and camping at the Black Forest.

Black Forest

Black Forest

The Romantic Road is a scintillating path with greenery on both sides. It extends between the river Main in the north and the southern range of Alps connecting several towns and hamlets.

The Frisian Island is a very picturesque island and is surrounded by Germany, Denmark and Netherlands. There are two small islands called Sylt and Amrum situated within the Frisian Island. These islands are haunted by tourists who walk and play across their beautiful beaches.

Neuschwanstein Castle has a touch of architectural wonderment about it. It is located almost near Austria. This marvellous castle is the most visited of all the castles of Germany and it models on the concept of Sleeping Beauty Castle.


All these tourist spots in Germany continue to attract tourists from all the countries throughout the year.