Everything you need to know before renting a house in Selangor

Kuala Lumpur International Airport is in Selangor as it is one of the developed states in Malaysia.  The state has Putrajaya and Kuala Lumpur within its boundaries. Selangor is driven by commercialization and urban growth which could be seen in the number of business complexes, industrial areas and shopping centers that have come up in the area.  As a result, job opportunities have increased manifold.  Also, people from other parts of Malaysia and across the globe come here in search of a job or open up a business on their own. There’s high demand for rentals in this area because of the business and employment opportunity.

Popular areas in Selangor for rentals

Most people who are looking for houses for rent in Selangor are spoiled for choices in Selangor. There are high rise apartments, condos of different sizes, houses and villas. The most popular place to stay is Petaling Jaya and it is followed by Cyberjaya, Puchong, Damansara Perdana, Subang Jaya, Cheras, Ara Damansara, Shah Alam,  Sunway, and Seri Kembangan. Petaling Jaya is the favorite among many because of its prime location as many offices are headquartered in this area.  Cyberjaya is also a great city to live in as it has many plans for development. Before you choose a place to live in rent, there are few things you need to keep in mind.

Requirements- You should know exactly what you need and want.  For instance, if you don’t like to drive, you should look for a place that is quite close to your workplace. You should decide whether you want a budget accommodation or luxury accommodation.

Budget- In Selangor, you could easily find a place that fits any type of budget. Hence you should be clear how much you plan to spend every month.  You should know how much you would spend on your monthly expenses and then arrive at the rental amount that you could pay comfortably.

Tenancy agreement- If you plan to live in a rental property, it is always advisable that you hire a  renowned property agent as an agent will know about all the formalities to be done while preparing the agreement. It is always best to get the agreement in writing rather than going in for an oral agreement between you and the landlord.

The writing agreement once it is stamped, both the parties are bound by the agreement and should honor all the terms and conditions. The important things to be mentioned in the agreement are:

  • Monthly rental- While you go through a property agent, you will know about the prevailing rentals in the nearby areas so you can negotiate with the landlord Once you agree on the rent, it should be mentioned in the agreement along with the pre-determined date when the rent needs to be paid.
  • Security deposit- The terms about the security deposit must be mentioned in the agreement.
  • Details about the tenant and landlord should be present in the agreement.