Disneyland Travel Costs

Affordable family vacations to the Disneyland resort in Anaheim, CA are not as hard to find as you may think. Even in the middle of an economic slowdown, discount Disneyland tickets are readily available online if you are willing and patient enough to do a fair amount of Internet research and compare prices from dozens of different bargain vacation websites. You might be interested in reading further articles on Disneylend here, here and here. So to make your choices easier to digest, here is a brief breakdown of what it will cost to take the family on a Disneyland vacation on a budget.

Travel to the Park

Obviously, travel costs will vary depending the distance you would have to travel in order to get to the resort. The five airports servicing the Anaheim area are Los Angeles International (LAX), Long Beach, John Wayne/Orange County, Burbank, and Ontario.

The cheapest flights will be through LAX, but if you are willing to extend your transportation budget, the Orange County facility is actually closer to the resort. The major airlines are constantly competing against each other for air traffic, so use this to your advantage and keep an eye out for special online promotional deals.

Once you have arrived, there are several shuttle buses you can take to the resort itself. The most affordable of the shuttle services is Greyline Anaheim, which operates in the LAX and Orange County airports. Round-trip shuttle service, for a family of five, costs less than a $100 if you reserve ahead of time.

Ticket and Package Prices

Admission cost will most likely be the largest item in your travel budget. But thankfully, both Disneyland and California Adventure have collaborated with each other to offer a wide range of different family-savings packages.

Tickets to the resort are sold based on the duration of your stay. They are sold in 3-day, 4-day, 5-day, and 6-day bundles. The price of the package deals offered by Disneyland resort may or may not include lodging. Be sure to check the details before booking any arrangements online. Often, a simple phone call answers most of the frequently asked questions.

The cost of a cheap Disneyland ticket, also known as a “3-day Hopper” (i.e. allows for admission to both the Disneyland and California Adventure parks), can average out to around $180 for adults and $125 for kids ages 3-9. However, 6-day passes cost anywhere from $200 for adults and $150 for kids depending on the time of the year you book your stay. Regardless of which option is chosen, when planned correctly, park visitors can get cheap Disneyland tickets.