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Florida Keys Resorts – Beautiful Family Vacation Choices

The Florida Keys are one of the most beautiful family vacation choices within the United States. This region features tranquil ocean waters, seaside fun, and activities to please everyone. As well, you will find a barrage of gorgeous accommodations. Florida Keys resorts are known for their many amenities, luxuriant extras, and friendly staff. Below is a guide to some of the different resorts vacationers may choose from. (more…)

How to Beat the Flu when Away from Home

How do you feel when, after you have a carefully laid out plan for something, something beyond your control comes and interrupts that plan? For instance, when you make an exciting travel or vacation arrangement and have even visualised yourself having fun, only to fall sick during the long awaited travel or vacation. Frustrated does not even begin to describe it. (more…)

Dos and Don’ts of Traveling Internationally with Family

Traveling with kids can be tough, but traveling internationally can take your stress level to new heights. Lengthy times spent in coach, time change adjustments, cultural adjustments, and being in unfamiliar surroundings are all factors that can be hard for adults, and even more challenging for children. (more…)

Best cars to rent for long road trips

No kidding! Think about it-especially if you have kids-why would you limit yourself with a stuffy, cramped car when you can get some leg room and some snooze room with a van? (more…)

Top 10 Reasons A Motorhome Vacation Is Better Than Flying

If you’re planning your next family vacation, consider visiting your local RV dealers instead of searching for expensive flight packages. Family motor home vacations offer many benefits and opportunities for adventure that flying simply cannot. Here are the top 10 reasons to make your next vacation an RV-cation. (more…)

15 Tips for Travelers On Eating Street Food

Ever stood at a busy street stall, listening to the loud haggling of merchants and the incessant chatter of tourists while eating a hot egg roll? You know the feeling then. No Cordon Bleu restaurant can ever give you that experience. It’s something else totally. Still, it’s not good when you wake up the next morning with tummy cramps. Check out our seasoned traveler tips on how to enjoy street food without experiencing the “day after” symptoms. (more…)

Visiting Kauai, Hawaii with kids

Even in an island paradise such as Kauai, its guaranteed that at one point, your teen will throw a fit. It might be during a plantation tour when the sullenly reach for their Mp3 player to block out the tour guide’s voice, or when they refuse to put on a swimsuit for the family scuba diving lesson. At some point it will happen, and there’s really only one way to prevent it: let your teen help plan the vacation. (more…)