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Sandusky Ohio attractions for family fun at Cedar Point Amusement Park

Welcome to the home of the Cedar Point Amusement Park! Yes, this is certainly one of the top Sandusky Ohio attractions. Nestled in northwest Ohio on the north coast of Lake Erie, Sandusky is among the state’s cutest and cleanest towns. For peace lovers, just strolling along the business district’s waterfront is not only safer as compared to the other cities, but is also very soaking; while for the activity enthusiasts, there are opportunities of camping as well as golfing. Among the remaining Sandusky Ohio attractions, you can expect museums, shopping, cruising, boating, water parks, spelunking, and more. Continue reading “Sandusky Ohio attractions for family fun at Cedar Point Amusement Park” »

South Padre Island attractions are mostly related to water fun!

South Padre Island, the ideal Texas beach resort, is nestled on the southern end off the Texas shore and near Mexico frontier. No matter in which season you come here, the South Padre Island attractions as per the changing climate have something to offer to all ages. For college students, spring is the right time, while for the beach goers, summers are best spent here. But, it is worth to know that this island is a beach resort for all seasons as well as for various activities. In addition, because of the South Padre Island attractions related to the water sports, the island has been successfully recognized among the country’s top 10 water sport destinations. And one more award goes to its Laguna Madre Nature Trail for being among the state’s top 10 trails. Continue reading “South Padre Island attractions are mostly related to water fun!” »

New York City attractions: Top restaurants

If you are thinking or making a list of worthy New York City attractions, do include some of its top restaurants without which your trip will always remain incomplete. After all, it is New York that is famous among the gourmets! Get ready to savor the delicacies of its world-class restaurants. Continue reading “New York City attractions: Top restaurants” »

Atlanta attractions that are free or cheap

Regarded as the New South’s front line, Atlanta is still the city of old beauty and elegance, which balances the glossy modernism with the traditions. Plenty of peach trees, sweet tea, three skylines, different parks, various festivals, historic monuments and the busiest airport on the planet make the city a hodgepodge of all what is desired by the tourists. But, there are several Atlanta attractions that are free or can be explored at affordable rates by the budget families and backpackers. So, be happy to know some of the easy-on-pocket Atlanta attractions that include even things to do. Continue reading “Atlanta attractions that are free or cheap” »

Denver attractions that are free

In this High-Mile city, there is no need to put a little stress on your bank balance or on the pocket. Thinking how can this be possible? Well, it is a bit hard to believe; but there are many free Denver attractions that offer the same amount of fun and entertainment as with the chargeable highlights. So, expect plenty of things to see and do at no cost right from historical sites to the picturesque Denver parks. Continue reading “Denver attractions that are free” »

Travel Around the World at Low Cost

Ask whoever you want: “Do you want to travel around the world?”, and the answer will be:”Of course I do!”. “Why don’t you do it then?” – “Are you kidding me?”… So, why people treat travelling the world like travelling to Mars? The main reason is budget of course. Stop being one who dreams – start being one who does! Below are some easy tips on how to travel around the world on limited budget. Continue reading “Travel Around the World at Low Cost” »

What’s New in San Antonio Family Fun

Visiting the Alamo and strolling along the River Walk provide fond vacation memories of San Antonio, but new memory-makers are being created all the time. It’s an exciting time right now for family fun in colorful, cultural, hip and historic San Antonio Here are just a few of the city’s recent and upcoming projects. Continue reading “What’s New in San Antonio Family Fun” »