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Toronto Attractions – As Diverse as the City!

On my trip to Toronto in Canada, I was just thinking that is there any kind of attraction that I could not spot here or is missing here? Well, that is what I describe the Toronto attractions as diverse and all-inclusive. Seriously, there is something or the other for each visitor who comes here. Whether it is a zoo, waterfront site, museum, amusement park, film festival celebration, or shopping markets – everything is simply alluring! There is nothing to bore you, even if your personal interest is not there. Continue reading “Toronto Attractions – As Diverse as the City!” »

Montreal Attractions – Europe in a Canadian Metropolis

After Toronto, Montreal is the city that is ranked second from the point of view of geographical size and tourism. The city is blessed to reveal its European elegance and lure due to which it is so famous on the list of the favorite tourist destinations. When the tour organizer gave me a list to select from the Montreal attractions, I myself was confused as to what to see and what not in a week’s time. With its dazzling list of tourist attractions ranging from museums, cultural centres, to historic landmarks; it was really hard to choose only a few sites on my trip. So, here I list those visited Montreal attractions. Continue reading “Montreal Attractions – Europe in a Canadian Metropolis” »

Long Island Attractions – All on a Freezing Playground!

Located at the entrance of the New York city, the Long island is not long, but is one of the most alluring islands for children, adult, and senior ones alike. I would say that it is a land of incredible natural attractions surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and the East River. Not only this, it is also full of historical beauty. With clear beaches, water parks, museums, and aquariums, zoos, wildlife parks, and much more; the island has truly gained its popularity as one of the major tourist destinations on the planet. Continue reading “Long Island Attractions – All on a Freezing Playground!” »

Baltimore Attractions – Hope Fun, Take Home Memories

A fun-packed family experience for lifetime rather than mere a holiday destination is what I would describe a tour of the Baltimore city. Yes, this quite true as it is my own memories that have encouraged me to state this! A city that has proved its ability to attract more than 10 million visitors of all ages annually really deserves a visit! Most of the major Baltimore attractions are around its most appealing gem, the Inner Harbor that is a picturesque waterfront. Continue reading “Baltimore Attractions – Hope Fun, Take Home Memories” »

Washington D.C. Attractions – For all Ages!

This is among those holiday destinations in the United States, which we would all, right from children to older citizens, like to visit at least once in our lifetime. And look! Fulfilling the fantasies and wishes, the Washington D.C. attractions allure people of all ages. Full of gems of American history, the horde of attractions are so captivating that you might not feel like leaving them away. Continue reading “Washington D.C. Attractions – For all Ages!” »

New Hampshire attractions for families

Some of the much appreciated sites await you in New Hampshire. If you planning this time to go for a vacation with your family, but are not ready to spend much; then think of exploring the New Hampshire attractions. Not only you and other elders, but also your kids will love to come here again and again; such is the impact of these highlights. So, if you have decided to enjoy your spared days with the charming New Hampshire attractions, then consider coming to the White Mountain area where there are many fun-filled family friendly sights. Continue reading “New Hampshire attractions for families” »

Pigeon Forge attractions for families

How about a holiday in the middle of the Smokies with your family? Sounds great to me! This time, plan for exploring the family vacation hub – Pigeon Forge in Tennessee. Pigeon Forge attractions are fully loaded with fun, excitement, and thrill; which you will feel proud about for offering to your kids and better half. Right from a comedy show to go-carting and to sky coaster, each corner of this mountain city is alluring for the people of all ages. Should I now tell you how to travel comfortably around? Well, it is none other than the Fun Time Trolley having over 100 trolley halts here. The cost ranges from $0.50 to $0.75 and it runs from 8:30am to at least 10:00 pm. In this article, I will just share with you some of the main family attractions.

One of the most exciting Pigeon Forge attractions is Dollywood theme park offering thrill rides, Smoky mountain cultural treasures, and an exciting water park. Continue reading “Pigeon Forge attractions for families” »