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Attractions in Pensacola Beach – Historical + Natural

Situated on the Santa Rosa Island of the Escambia County in Florida, the Pensacola Beach is a fantastic destination surrounded by the Gulf of Mexico, Santa Rosa Sound and Pensacola Bay, and the Gulf Islands National Seashore. It is one of the most famous resorts in the nation. More than amusement parks and rides, this coastal town offers historic and natural attractions. This deep water harbor marked the beginning of a lengthy enmity for rule against France and Great Britain. These people along with the former Spanish migrants have left behind much of their heritage in form of Spanish brickwork, French wrought-iron balconies, and Victorian mansions and museums. Continue reading “Attractions in Pensacola Beach – Historical + Natural” »

Ohio Tourist Attractions – Simply Soaking!

Located in the mid of Midwest, Ohio is proud to be the birthplace of eight US presidents. Apart from this interesting history, Ohio is famous for its varied landscape ensuring a good array of natural attractions right from the sandy shores of Lake Erie in the north and waterfalls and cliffs in the south. Oh yes! The popular city of Columbus is its capital and that it is the choice of many tourists from all over the world for holidays. Continue reading “Ohio Tourist Attractions – Simply Soaking!” »

Memphis Attractions – All-inclusive!

Located on the banks of the Mississippi River, the city of Memphis has a comprehensive holiday attractions for you. The maximum and major Memphis attractions seek their shelter in the Downtown that is closest to river and best site to start with. Fortunately, all of them can be explored on foot. The other worth visiting attractions are quite scattered such that you have to take car to go on their tour. Continue reading “Memphis Attractions – All-inclusive!” »

Nashville Tourist Attractions – A Profitable Deal with the Music City!

All of the best draws in Nashville are divided between the downtown area and the Opryland towards its north. Certainly, one needs enough time in hand, more than couple of days, to explore enough valuable gems. The Nashville tourist attractions include interesting museums, visually striking centers, refreshing gardens, and music sites. All of them tell about the region’s art and culture flourishing in this modern era of technology and fashion. Continue reading “Nashville Tourist Attractions – A Profitable Deal with the Music City!” »

St Louis Attractions – Over 100!

This is the city where you can feel the impact of various ethnic groups in form of the mansions ranging from German to Italian. Recognized as the modern, industrial, and cultural destination, St Louis is the largest city in Missouri whose natural charm is its Mississippi River, the banks of which are filled melodious ambience via ragtime and Dixieland jazz. Continue reading “St Louis Attractions – Over 100!” »

Attractions in Golden Gate Park – A Paradise for Humans, Flora, and Fauna

A vast rectangular urban park with millions of visitors each year is the great Golden Gate Park of San Francisco. With its third rank in the list of most visited parks in U.S., I can tell you that the park is the beloved of the humans, birds, flowers, plants, and certain wild animals like dogs and frogs. This spectacular landmark starts from the Pacific shore to cover some 1017 acre of inland made since 1890s. When John McLaren, a Scot started with this project, he faced several challenges from sand dunes and winds, which was solved by building a natural wall surrounding the area. Continue reading “Attractions in Golden Gate Park – A Paradise for Humans, Flora, and Fauna” »

Oregon Tourist Attractions – Mostly Natural!

Where the verdant forest provides cool breeze and splendid scenery, miles of shoreline refreshes visitors, and snowy hills provides for some breathtaking activities is what Oregon all about. That is why my title says that the Oregon tourist attractions are almost natural, but that doesn’t mean that there are no museums or aquariums! Well, one can find all tastes here – right from camping to snowboarding or from museums to gardens. All the cultural draws are in the city of Portland on the west coast, while the lazy shoreline is becoming livelier with strolls and kite flying. Continue reading “Oregon Tourist Attractions – Mostly Natural!” »