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Hollókő: a traditional Hungarian village

Hollókő is a traditional Hungarian village. Titled many times as the most beautiful village in the country and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1987. Continue reading “Hollókő: a traditional Hungarian village” »

Tourist Attractions in Spain : Diverse & Comprehensive

Spain is the land of outstanding natural and cultural attractions! Yes, the tourist attractions in Spain range from Mediterranean beaches on the north to the mountains and national parks all over its territory. One can spot deciduous and coniferous forests, dry plains, salt marshes, rugged coves, and river valleys. So, the best way to explore all of them is through the different national parks, jeep excursions, and hiking. Continue reading “Tourist Attractions in Spain : Diverse & Comprehensive” »

The Best Reasons to Visit Luxembourg

Luxembourg or Luxembourg City as the capital city is called is an attractive city with green, picturesque landscapes and rolling hills. The city also has many historic sites which are very well contrasted with modern architecture and culture. Continue reading “The Best Reasons to Visit Luxembourg” »

Island Exploration: Menorca, Spain

Next time you are planning a visit to the Balearic Islands, consider visiting Menorca (also spelled Minorca). Just 21 miles away from the popular island of Mallorca, Menorca seems to have avoided becoming overrun and overdeveloped by tourism. It is the second largest island of the Balearic, with more beaches than Mallorca and Ibiza combined, Menorca has a reputation for being peaceful and quiet. Resorts can be found in the south, while fishing villages line the north coast. Continue reading “Island Exploration: Menorca, Spain” »

Best island destinations in Greece

The Greek islands offer the most diverse holiday options on the planet. No other Archipelago can satisfy the individual needs of any traveler. Party lovers, adventurers, families, couples, anyone will find what he wants. The beaches and the sea can be compared only with the Pacific and Caribbean islands. Not to mention the historical heritage, since they are inhabited continuously for 5000 years now. It is impossible to list them all and below there is a guide to the best island destinations in Greece. The guide to the best island destinations in Greece is just a glimpse of what this beautiful country can offer. There are hundreds more to choose from, including Rhodes, Kos, Lesvos, Skiathos, Thasos, and Skopelos (the setting of Mamma Mia). Go there, swim in the turquoise waters and adapt to the renowned Greek way of life. Continue reading “Best island destinations in Greece” »

Greece: A great family vacation in Keramoti

It is no wonder that Greece could be a great family vacation for everybody and for every family no matter of what nationality the people are. It is certainly one of the best places you could go in every time and especially in spring and summer. Continue reading “Greece: A great family vacation in Keramoti” »

Barcelona Tourist Attractions – Certainly Worthy

My this time vacation destination was the famous European city of Barcelona in Spain. I had only heard about it in history books, but was never ever ardent to visit it. Thanks to my uncle and aunt who visited the place last year and recommended me and my family this time to tour this promising destination. When they started describing to me as to what Barcelona tourist attractions they explored, I became keen to visit those too. They talked to me about beaches, zoos, museums, parks, and streets and that I also planned to visit these alluring Barcelona tourist attractions. Continue reading “Barcelona Tourist Attractions – Certainly Worthy” »

Majorca Attractions – Purely for Family and Children!

Mallorca is a large Mediterranean island in Spain perfectly fir for families, but in particular foe children. It would not be wrong to say that it is an ideal holiday destination for children. This is because the Spanish inhabitants love children to such an extent that even a waiter in a restaurant will hug your kid. In fact, the Majorca attractions are dedicated to families and kids, who can play on its sandy beaches and its alluring resorts, go for a pony ride, learn golf, swim in the waters, explore the mysterious caves, experience the amusement parks, and meet dolphins and sea lions. Continue reading “Majorca Attractions – Purely for Family and Children!” »

The best of Lanzarote for families

One of the most diverse and colourful of the Canary Islands, Lanzarote has been able to appeal to those looking for a relaxing family holiday for many years and its popularity doesn’t look like decreasing any time soon. Continue reading “The best of Lanzarote for families” »