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Fun Family-Friendly Destinations for Toddlers

Some parents hesitate to bring their toddlers on vacation, not realizing that they’re actually missing out on a perfect chance to spread wanderlust at an early age. Having a baby or toddler doesn’t mean that you’re always stuck at home, looking after your precious one. With so many kid-friendly destinations like the places below, it’s no longer difficult to plan a holiday with toddlers in tow.  (more…)

Club Med Resort Turks and Caicos – The Best Vacation Getaway?

If this is the first time you’re hearing about Club Med Turks and Caicos, it’s actually just one resort among the many resorts you can find in Turks and Caicos. However, Club Med itself is a brand best known for its beach resorts, luxury villas and chalets and all-inclusive vacation packages.

So, if you’re looking forward to vacationing in Turks and Caicos, check out this review of Club Med Turks and Caicos. The good thing about this vacation brand is that it doesn’t just offer resort and hotel amenities. (more…)

Four unique places to vacation in the Caribbean

When planning a Caribbean vacation, it’s important to choose an island that will fulfill your expectations. For many people, the ideal Caribbean experience is one of palm fringed beaches of powdery white sand, and turquoise waters. While there are many islands like this, some fit the bill more than others. (more…)

How to pack for a Caribbean vacation

The constant temperatures in the Caribbean make it one of the top vacation spots in the world at any time during the year. It draws people in with its beautiful beaches, the variety of parties and entertainment options and the cultural experiences that they offer. Most people think that they can wear next to nothing on their vacations to the many island destinations and don’t have to consider how to pack for a Caribbean vacation. (more…)

Travel Around the World at Low Cost

Ask whoever you want: “Do you want to travel around the world?”, and the answer will be:”Of course I do!”. “Why don’t you do it then?” – “Are you kidding me?”… So, why people treat travelling the world like travelling to Mars? The main reason is budget of course. Stop being one who dreams – start being one who does! Below are some easy tips on how to travel around the world on limited budget. (more…)

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic Travel Guide

Things have changed since the days of Columbus. For example, I got lost outside of Des Moines last year: I got yelled at by my wife, screamed at by my kids, beat up by a 12 year old on a dirt bike, and arrested for leaving a personal landmark behind an out of order outhouse at a rest area off route 46.

Christopher Columbus got lost looking for the Far East in 1492, sailed into Santo Domingo, the Dominican Republic, missing his target by thousands of miles. Instead of getting yelled at, Chris and his crew established what is now the oldest city in the New World.

Not only did the nautical misdirection provide fame and fortune for Columbus, ten generations of his family lived and governed on the island, including his son Diego, who became Santo Domingo’s first governor. For the Dominican Republic’s best beaches go to GuidetoCaribbean.

Here are some other reasons why ending up in Santo Domingo isn’t such a bad thing (more…)