Nepal Kailash Trekking Pvt. Ltd.

Khussibu Sadak, 16, Naya Bazaar, Kathmandu, Nepal
Spend the best time with us who offers Nepal trekking tours packages just set up the dates with your friends or family for trekking in Nepal. Located in the diverse, enchanting country of Nepal, Kailash is a trekking company in Nepal creating memorable trips for every visitor. Nepal Kailash Trekking does its best to protect the landscapes and present its untouched beauty. Unlike other operators, every Nepal Trekking Tours, as well as Kailash trekking tours, are designed to expose a different characteristic of this beautiful part of the world, Nepal Hiking from the breathtaking Mount Everest to the cultural adventures you can experience on trips such as to the pristine glaciers with quick response trekking agency.
We, Nepal Kailash Trekking have been presenting quality trips that go ahead of our visitors’ hope. We are reckoned among a top-class company as we have various choices of trips to present our guests. We were founded on a simple idea to plan memorable trips for you and those are noteworthy words to us. Another major principle of Nepal Kailash Trekking is that floras, faunas and natural environment will stay healthy if only it is conserved. With this belief we have emerged as Nepal's Voice for bringing awareness and actively supporting the natural integrity of this wonderful country. It is our reverie that popular places will be conserved by several generations to come.
Amusement of our work comes from a passion for providing hiking, expeditions and more than a few other tours into magnificent landscapes. Certainly, we are always apprehensive about your safety, and satisfaction. About destinations, our purpose is to offer extraordinary hiking, adventurous and satisfying tour experiences in Nepal. It is a root of our company and a vital part to present a worthy service for our guests. We also have a talented and experienced team members who can assist you plan or shape your itineraries.
We are committed to hire and instruct the best and proficient guides and to guarantee this we search for out expert guides and present periodic employees trainings. Our extraordinary employees have the skill to turn any trip into a memorable and inspiring experience.
Regardless of what you are seeking for, it is prone that we have arranged different interesting trips for you. We design different trips to let you witness wonderful landscapes to many lives found in Nepal. For individual seeking solitude, and adventurous activities, we will be the true choice to map your trips. In the same way, if you are interested in an outside experience but with comfy lodges or hotels, we will help you arrange those trips too.
We heartily welcome you to Nepal!!!