Beijing Family Tours

Visiting Beijing with children makes a great family vacation offering unique activities for kids of all ages. With its one child policy still in place, the Chinese spare no effort or expense to give their future generation a head start.

Owner of The China Guide, and father of three children going to school in Beijing, Peter Danford has a wealth of experience traveling with children in China. He says:

“We love exploring new places with our children in China. People are friendly, curious and extremely tolerant. We never have fear of making too much noise in a restaurant. Parks are a favorite for us, filled with kid size amusements, people practicing martial arts, musicians and even dancing.” said Danford.

Temple in Forbidden City

Temple in Forbidden City

Some popular favorites for families on tour in Beijing include riding a toboggan sled down the Great Wall, fishing for trout and eating them freshly grilled for lunch, taking a cycle rickshaw ride through the hutongs and shopping in the Toy Market. The Kungfu Show and Acrobat Show are also popular for evening entertainment.

It is also easy to please kid’s palates with Beijing offering an amazing array of international cuisine due to the large expat population and embassies from around the globe. If your kids tire of eating some of the best Chinese food in the world, they can always enjoy superb pizza, pasta, burgers or the offerings of their favorite western fast food chain.

The China Guide organizes private tours in Beijing and throughout China for family groups. Your custom itinerary is created to suite your interests, the age of your kids and your travel style. Guides are quite used to families and are able to make adjustments on the go to suit the group needs at the time. For example if the kids did not like their lunch then a quick stop at a fast food joint is no problem, nor is an unscheduled stop at the Toy Market.

A western owned and managed travel agency, The China Guide aims to treat its guests like family. There are no factory shopping stops, meals are in quality local restaurants, guides are carefully screened and client satisfaction is the priority.

Beijing would make a great family trip, one full of education and fun!