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Indian’s Best beaches: Varkala

A peaceful and serene beach with winding long cliffs that gives views of the Arabian Sea. Coconut palms border a footpath which runs the entire length of the cliff.

Quaint shops, beach huts, shacks, hotels, guest houses are also present. At the bottom of the cliff you have spectacular beaches which can reached by steps from the top of the cliff. Continue reading “Indian’s Best beaches: Varkala” »

Batam Hotels for the Budget Traveler

Batam, Indonesia is an export zone and a duty free area. The town was a mere backwater prior to it being such a popular location. The region is extremely popular with tourists and there is no dearth to quality here. Continue reading “Batam Hotels for the Budget Traveler” »

Vacation Packages To Hotel RIU Palace Aruba All Inclusive

Aruba is one of the islands that make up the Leeward Antilles (other major islands in the group are Bonaire and Curacao), located in the southernmost part of Caribbean Sea, very close to the shoreline of Venezuela. Island of Aruba is one of the few territories in Caribbean which aren’t independent countries, it being an autonomous region of the Kingdom of Netherlands. In the same time, Aruba is a worldwide renowned place for taking pleasure in beach vacations and as consequence it is visited yearly by several millions of travelers from North America and Europe, largely attracted by the natural beauty, white-sand beaches, luxury resorts and hotel complexes, and very convenient travel deals provided by local tour operators. Continue reading “Vacation Packages To Hotel RIU Palace Aruba All Inclusive” »